GigaTera Technology

Minimized Glare

     Metal halide lighting has a strong light which causes glare. For this reason, it makes it difficult for athletes to secure the optimal view during a competition. GigaTera’s SUFA series LED lighting has a structure that features various narrow beam angles applying the reflecting plate method.
     This minimize the risk of glare caused by light leakage in any stadium and ensures that the athletes can improve their competitiveness and the spectators can enjoy a comfortable viewing experience. We also use an individual reflecting plate for each LED element to make sure the lights remain separated without converging and minimize the phenomenon whereby a flying ball becomes invisible in the light. Our products are thus completely optimized for sports events.

     In the installation project cases, we can observe that conventional lighting using the HID method exhibits strong glares and partially stronger areas of light, making it impossible to see the flagpole and other structures. Once these lights were replaced with GigaTera’s sports lighting products, the lights were produced in subdivided precision, thereby reducing the light deviation and minimizing glare. The result is that the flagpole and structures are far more clearly visible than they were in the previous lighting.


Creating the optimal uniformity luminance - NMBF

     GigaTera’s sports lighting SUFA series allows our clients to individually select lighting modules in 200W, 400W, 500W, and 600W. Furthermore, these modules can be combined into 800W, 1kW, and 1.2kW arrangements.
     Each module can be individually rotated and tilted, and this minimizes interference among the module during the aiming process. This structure allows users to aim the light freely and concentrate the desired amount of light in the desired spots. This ensures that there will be optimal uniformity luminance.

     The modular lighting design method of GigaTera eliminates glare in all positions, with the exception of certain specific angles. This may even cause an optical illusion that there is no lighting. By reducing glare, this design allows athletes and spectators to enjoy a pleasant lighting environment.

Flicker Free

1,500 fps Slow motion support - Flicker Free

     HID method lighting has the unique property of causing flickering to occur during the slow motion video rendering; this restricts the range of slow motion to 180 fps (frames per second).
By contrast, GigaTera’s SUFA series sports lighting supports ultra-slow motion up to a max of 1,500 fps.
This delivers a flicker-free, ultra-precision broadcasting for the enjoyment of viewers.

Cooling Technology

     GigaTera’s SUFA series sports lighting is designed with cooling fins with various structures, in horizontal / vertical directions.
Using our structural design technology, we have adopted a natural convection method rather than a forced circulation method, and this solved the heat problem that has been a vulnerability of high power sports lighting. For LED lighting, effective heat management is directly correlated to the product life and therefore cooling technology is one of the most important technological resources.

High CRI and R9 Contents

     Color is an element that has a huge effect on our visual experience. The color reproduction by artificial light sources perform critically importantroles, such as the delivery of information, as well as eliciting interest andinspiration. In the color rendering index (CRI), the color of an object whenseen in natural light is defined as 100. The index then numerically expresseshow close the color of an object seen in artificial lighting matches the colorin natural light. Light sources with a high color rendering index will presentpeople and objects in a clearer and more vivid manner than light sources with alow color rendering index.