- High Luminous Efficacy - more efficient than using lens diffuser
- Reflection ratio of 95% - 97% - Reflector
- Minimum glare and loss of luminance

Smart Lighting Control Technology

- Efficient and cost - effective control network system for build - up maintenance
and expansion as compare with the other control systems

- Smart upgrade be supported

Heat Dissipation Technology

- Proven Data from offical organization 
- Proper Junction Temperature Control 
- Ensure customers long life products

There are two major sources in the LED light fixture . One is from the LED light source itself,and
te other is in the AC to DC converter it is very critical factor to use external heat dissipation structures .

Narrow Multi - Beam Forming (NMBF) Technology

- Maximizes energy saving
- Most optimized technology for preventing light pollution

most manufacturers design the lighting fixtures implementing lens and reflector technologies for desired light distribution. These existing LED lighting methods according to characteristics of the light will spread to a wider area and will also fall on that does not need the light and many lead to light pollution and emits the light only to the taget area,NMBF is advanced techonology to control
luminance with low power consumption to provide a simillar level of luminous flux and also to maximize energy savings.